Clients give me feedback about my services in different ways, some send it via email and others leave reviews on websites such as Facebook or Google.

Website Reviews

Email Reviews

Here are a selection of the reviews that I have received by email.

I must confess that I had a certain amount of scepticism before my first reflexology treatment as the therapy was unknown to me. I have been suffering from severe sciatica after my pregnancies and reflexology was recommended to me. I was a bit unsure as to what to expect at the session. Having received my first reflexology session from Gabriela I have no doubts that it helped immensely to overcome the pain and feel ease in my lower back. I have also received treatments for severe stress and tension. I had several sessions with Gabriela and after the treatments I always feel great harmony and calmness. I would advise anyone to give reflexology a go and I would recommend Gabriela to everyone. I always look forward to my next session.

SB – London

Gabriela helped me get through my pregnancy with wonderful reflexology that helped me relax.

V – Chippenham

Dear Gabriela thank you for my reflexology treatment on Tuesday. My feet felt much better immediately after, and I think a subtle change has taken place. Also the urinary flush had an effect too. Thanks again for a great treatment.

A – Marlborough

I first approached Gabriela Slater for reflexology to combat a bad back. I was very impressed with the results after only a few sessions, and decided to have a course of treatments aimed specifically at tackling persistent headaches. The sessions were not only calming and very relaxing but they significantly reduced the number and severity of my headaches. I would highly recommend reflexology and the professional service offered by Gabriela.

GS – Chippenham

With a past history of blood clots I found that reflexology helped to improve my circulation, and this was sustained even after the treatment had finished. I would recommend NuReflexology to everyone.

LD – Chippenham

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Reflexology Sessions with Gabriela. I came away feeling totally relaxed and stress free.

JD – Chippenham

I would highly recommend Reflexology with Gabriela. I felt totally at ease and very RELAXED. All in all a fantastic experience.

KW – Chippenham

A few months ago I had my first ever reflexology session with Gabriela. I am normally not very keen on having people touching my feet. Although at first I was taken aback by the firmness with which she stimulated certain parts of my feet, it seemed she managed to find and work on exactly all the problem areas in my body. I was really surprised how accurate she was in her judgment and how good the session made me feel. I am already looking forward to another session with her this week.

KV – Hungerford

I have found the reflexology session both enjoyable and beneficial. It is a really special time to sit back and relax, leaving 'real life' at the door for the duration of the session. I have also found that I have noticed the benefits too. I have been helped with digestive problems, a stiff and tense back as well as low energy levels. Having a reflexology session is a great way to fine tune my body.

IE – Trowbridge

Gabriela is a very gifted practitioner of reflexology who works with the utmost integrity and consideration for her client. She is extremely professional and caring. I have been lucky enough to receive several treatments from her and have really benefitted in many ways. I have noticed that my headaches are fewer and less severe since starting treatments with her. I find the treatments are very relaxing so much so that I sleep much better.

DC – Hungerford

Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment - I really enjoyed it and felt very relaxed. In fact I slept a lot in the afternoon! Which was good and I needed to.

Anonymous – Hungerford