Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology aims to optimise the physical and emotional health of pregnant women and to also allow you time away from a busy life, to focus purely on yourself and the growing baby.

First Trimester

The first trimester is a time when there are huge changes in hormone levels as well as anxieties and concerns about the changes that are going to happen. These factors may leave you feeling delighted, anxious, exhilarated, weepy and exhausted – sometimes all at once. The aim of Reflexology during this trimester is to relax, de-stress and offer support.

Second and Third Trimester

Reflexology can be used for general well-being or to address other health issues such as sleeping problems should they arise.

Preparation for Labour

As your due date approaches, you may find it useful to visit a Reflexologist more frequently. Although there is no evidence that reflexology can induce labour, the general view is that it will help support the body to prepare for labour and promote relaxation at a time when anxiety levels are often high.

Pricing & Booking

From £50 for a 60 minute treatment.

For availability, booking and full pricing options see the booking page.

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Two recent studies have shown that reflexology during pregnancy significantly reduced pain during labour (1), reduced the length of the first stage of labour (1) and improved the quality of sleep in post-natal women (2).

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