Facial Gua Sha & Restorative Pilates Workshop

A half day workshop to learn how to use Gua Sha like a professional followed by gentle Pilates and guided meditation to relax your body and mind.

Gua Sha Like a Professional

Gabriela will show you how to create a skin ritual utilizing Gua Sha Techniques to:

  • Lift and firm the face
  • Boost microcirculation
  • Promote a deep feeling of relaxation

You will learn step by step Gua Sha techniques for the face, neck, decollette area and opening lymphatic drainage moves.

If you are looking to have a radiant and healthy glow, reduce facial puffiness; soften deep wrinkles and fine lines it’s a perfect place to start.


Following the Gua Sha there is a short break.

  • A selection of teas, drinks and healthy snacks.
  • A chance for you to socialise and chat with your fellow retreat participants.
Gabriela and Natalie, the workshop team

Restorative Pilates Session & Meditation

Natalie (Precision Pilates Studio) will guide you through gentle movement, combining Restorative Pilates and stretching.

The focus is on mobilising the entire body and unlocking tension.

It finishes with guided Meditation, designed to leave you relaxed and peaceful for the rest of the day.

The session is perfect for all abilities.

Pilates Position

What to Prepare

For the workshop you will need:

  • A top or a vest allowing you to work on your neck and decollette area with the Gua Sha tool
  • Clean skin with no make up
  • Comfortable clothing to move in, layers are ideal
  • Yoga/Pilates mat
  • Blanket and pillow for the meditation
  • Something to cover the eyes is also good, but not essential

This studio based retreat is perfect for most abilities*, and will leave you with an inner warmth and glowing complexion.

Based in Chippenham, a lovely experience for yourself or with a friend.

* This workshop is not suitable for you if you have active acne or rosacea, recently had peel or extreme exfoliation, suffer from cold sores or skin outbreaks, had Botox or fillers within the last 6 months or if you are pregnant.

Gua Sha Tool

Workshop Details

The next workshop date is not available yet, when it is, the details will be announced here.

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